Welcome to Lab Invest. Where your project comes to life. 

Located in Lajes do Pico, a historic village, Lab Invest is the county's first business incubator. At Lab Invest, we focus on innovation and technology, enhancing experiences and fulfilling desires by supporting new entrepreneurs.

We follow a sustainable policy with the aim of encouraging young people to settle in our county, boosting their projects and, consequently, Lajes do Pico. We support projects from their initial phase to their entry into the markets, providing the necessary tools, in various areas, for their success.

It benefits from a network of successful partners and mentors who share our vision of turning the municipality of Lajes and Pico Island into references in development and innovation. 



Through the coordination and sharing of knowledge, relationships and know-how, this program from the Lajes do Pico City Council provides its entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to develop and optimize, with the support and experience of mentors and business partners success.


We invest in the guidance of projects from their embryonic stage, offering assistance to all incubators in the municipality and providing support on various fronts: product development, business plans, promotion and feasibility studies, investment and financing requests.


Our program aims to help companies overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities, promoting their conditions of competitiveness through strong strategies in the most diverse areas, namely digital technologies, marketing, communication, promotion and management.


This program is intended to train companies for their introduction into foreign markets through internationalization, promotion and positioning strategies in new global markets. Lab Invest is dedicated to innovative projects, aiming at the continuous innovation of the Island and its socio-economic development.